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September 13, 2016
For Sale—For Sale: Vintage Mark Leaf classical guitar case. Built in 1979, this road-worthy case has seen mainly closet duty, and is in excellent condition. Should fit most mid-size classical guitars. Asking $600, please call 508-524-6175strong> or email for

For Sale—2015 Cervantes “Hauser” Concert with solid spruce and Indian Rosewood. This essentially new instrument is flawless, a 650 scale, slightly smaller body typical of the Segovia Hauser I model, and represents one of the best in the growing style of Hauser inspired guitars. Outstanding, clear, melodic trebles with crisp basses, and playability across the neck that is unequalled. One of the easiest playing instruments I have owned, the guitar is in mint condition, in an elegant black Humicase with humidifying system. These guitars are selling for over $2000 new , my price is $1800. Please email me for photos and other details. Bob Carlsen.

For Sale—2001 Paul Fisher (taut model) Excellent condition , Spruce top, Brazilian back and sides, Roger tuners. Call 781-956-1296 or email

For Sale: 1995 Bazzolo Classical guitar 650 mm scale, East Indian rosewood with western red cedar top with French polish finish. This guitar is in excellent condition. There is not a mark on it. It has been rarley played. Asking price $3,500 contact Robert Wood:

For Sale: Manuel Rodriguez (Madrid, Spain) 1982 classical guitar. Number 542, Signed by Maker, Cedar Soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides. Selling for $2,250. Photos and more information available upon request. Bryan Beatty:

For Sale: Full size Córdoba C5 classical nylon string guitar. The bridge was reset by a previous owner, and although the reset was solid, it left a small scar. The top is solid cedar, the action is 1/8'' at the 12th fret, and the neck is straight. Sounds great and serves as a perfect beginner or intermediate level guitar. Selling for $160. Thank you.