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  • Jose Gonzalez - Guitarist

    Jose Gonzalez & Claudio Ragazzi Duo w/ Criollo Clasico

    April 7, 2018 8pm

    Asylum Hill Congregational Church

    814 Asylum Ave.

    Hartford, CT

    Guitarists Jose Gonzalez (Puerto Rico) and Claudio Ragazzi (Argentina) come together again as a superb Guitar Duet after a 28 year recess. What sets The Gonzalez -Ragazzi Duo apart is their original compositions and the fact that both are recognized composers/performers. This is truly a unique concert of new music with outstanding guest artists (Ahmed Gonzalez/ flute , Rene Gonzalez/ Latin percussion and Gaby Ragazzi /electric guitar). Jose Gonzalez latest CD "Viva Americas" was chosen among the top 5 CD releases in Puerto Rico and Claudio Ragazzi won a 2018 Grammy for his outstanding guitar work with the Pablo Ziegler Trio on their CD "Jazz Tango).

    Ahmed Gonzalez 

    Flutes, Backup vocals, Percussion
    Ahmed has been a flutist for over 15 years, focusing on Latin-American musical styles, classical music, and American Jazz. A student of Sue Kurian (herself a student of the great French flutist, Jean-Pierre Rampal), Ahmed developed a strong flute foundation in many styles, making him a versatile performer. Ahmed has recorded in numerous records, performs regularly with 6 bands in the Western MA and Hartford, CT area and is currently promoting his solo album, Flute Soul.

    Rene Gonzalez
    Drum set, Electric and Upright Bass, Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Bata Drums, Peruvian Cajon Vocals and Latin Percussion
    Rene has been a multi-percussionist, focusing on Afro-Cuban-Puerto Rican music styles. Beginning studies on drums with his father at the age of six, Rene studied Rock and Funk. He began an early apprenticeship on Timbales, Bongos, Tumbadoras, and Latin percussion. Rene studied straight-ahead jazz, big band jazz. Since his undergraduate days, Rene has begun an independent apprenticeship on electric and upright bass, developing his ability on those instruments and performing with numerous groups on both instruments as well. Rene has recorded timbales, tumbadoras, bongos, drums, and electric bass on numerous records spanning various styles and bands.

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