• "Promoting the performance and appreciation of the guitar since 1985."

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  • Welcome to the CT Guitar Society

  • From Bach to Blues, Flamenco to Folk, the Society provides guitar enthusiasts with unique opportunities to hear and play the guitar in intimate settings throughout Connecticut.

    The Connecticut Guitar Society is a non-profit presenting arts organization. It is the largest organization of its kind serving the general public and classical guitarists by providing a forum for listening, learning, performing and teaching.


  • 2020-2021 Concert Season Lineup

    Stan Sullivan <br><font style=&quote;font-size: 0.65em; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; font-weight:bold&quote;>Saturday, October 24, 2020</font>

    Connecticut native Stan Sullivan earned his BA in Modern Languages from CCSU in 1970. He is a self-described, "singer-songwriter guitar instrumentalist-composer and folk and blues performer." He modestly explains that although he wrote his first song at the age of 17, it was not until many years [...]


    Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble<br><font style=&quote;font-size: 0.65em; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; font-weight:bold&quote;>Saturday, November 21, 2020<br>7:00 PM </font>

    VAL RAMOS FLAMENCO TRIO - Enjoy a memorable evening of outstanding traditional and contemporary Flamenco guitar and song featuring international Flamenco guitar masters VAL RAMOS and JOSE RAMOS with vocalist TERE LUNA. The trio is part of the Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble, which has been hailed [...]


    Jaclyn & Mavis Duo<br><font style=&quote;font-size: 0.65em; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; font-weight: bold&quote;>Sunday, January 17, 2021</font>

    In biology, LUCA is known as the Last Universal Common Ancestor. All life derived from this single cell organism who had the ability to translate information between DNA and proteins. This form of communication led to more advanced life forms, and since then mankind has used many mechanisms to [...]


  • Dave Madsen Duo
    Sunday, February 21, 2021