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  • Jean Nolan

  • "Jean is extremely dedicated in her pursuit of the arts - from playing guitar to composing originals, and writing poetry.  She shows great sensitivity in her choice of melodies and chords to express her creativity.  Jean is a very patient teacher and can impart much knowledge in the world of playing guitar and beyond."
    - Tom Nazziola

    Actively enjoying teaching privately all ages, levels, & abilities for 19 yrs. She draws from her studies with Tom Nazziola, John S. Arnold, and Carl Sauerbrunn.  Jean includes Songwriting/Composition, Creativity, and Music Theory as part of her Guitar Program for students with interests in these areas. She utilizes her creative skills to also bring out the talents seen within each individual student whether it be writing, coloring ones interpretation of the music being pursued, singing, fingerstyle. " I feel strongly on treating each person as an individual with theirown journey in music and creativity."  Music should be fun!

     Jean has taught several  Adult Ed Guitar Programs since 2002 with the Windsor Public School System.  She, and some of her students have performed at the Connecticut Guitar Society  "Guitar Day" as well as other gatherings they've had. Various compositions which she composed with Guitar and Vocals have been recorded. 
    Beside Solo Performances at various coffee houses and special events; Jean has joined in Christian Folk Music  with various church groups.

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