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  • Paul Shumsky

  • Paul Shumsky  - CGS Professional Member

    Guitarist Paul Shumsky has been teaching and performing in a wide range of styles for over four decades. He relocated to Hartford in 2000 after 25 years as a full-time musician in Boston where he also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Guitar from New England Conservatory. Paul enjoys teaching all levels from beginner to professional and draws upon his studies with several jazz guitar masters, such as Mick Goodrick, Barry Galbraith, Chuck Wayne, Gene Bertoncini, as well as studies with the late jazz guru Charlie Banacos to inform his teaching. Paul loves the guitar in all its permutations but mostly teaches adults interested in jazz and creative improvisation who have been playing for a while but feel stuck and need an experienced mentor. With decades of teaching experience, he can quickly assess a student's current skill level and knowledge and then provide concrete steps they can follow to achieve their goals. He’s very patient and also enjoys finding alternate ways to explain concepts and techniques students may find challenging. At the same time, he hopes to gently push his students to reach whatever level of musicianship they wish to attain.

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